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You're Welcome

You are welcome to one of the best African community - Afrizle, The African Network. This is a great place to be. Here you stand the chance of connecting with great people that can later be part of your world. Though Afrizle is targeted at Africans, lovers of socialization from any part of the world are welcome. Are looking for a date? You can meet your life partner here. Want to discuss a topic? You can write an article about it on our forum and get opinions from diverse set of individuals. All for free. Active Afrizle members also stand a chance to earn some money on the network through Exclusive Services. Members that write articles attracting up to 100 thousand interactions (likes and hypes) are entitled to some bonus in dollars. More precisely, you get $50 for every 100k interactions (i.e. addition of all facebook likes and afrizle hype). Why not use that data plan on your phone to give yourself financial freedom.


The major services Afrizle members have access to are Forum, Messaging, and Social Networking. The forum is similar to what you'll find on many sites. Members can create a topic and others get to comment on it, motivating discussions in the process. Interesting and engaging topics get hyped by readers.

Frizles are short posts that users write from their profile. The frizles appear on the board of frizlers that have you clipped to their Frizle board. Topics and frizles can be refrizled. This is a way of sharing posts and articles on your board.

The clipping feature allow users to have updates of others on their Frizle Board. All Afrizle members with a complete profile set up are called frizlers and have access to all features apart from Exclusive Services which can be accessed only if you have the required amount of units.

Messaging service is a service that will be extended to a mobile chatting app in future. It is basically a medium for private communication between two Frizlers.

Afrizle unit is a way of rewarding active Frizlers. The more you frizle, participate in discussions through comments, create topics, message, and perform other activities, the more units you get for yourself. Units are like currency used on Afrizle to access some special services in the store. Units can be used to purchase ad links, buy VIP badge, play 3ple 10 instant and do other things on the exclusive page. Units can also be gifted to other Frizlers.

Access Levels

There are three major levels of access of Afrizle. The first one is for unregistered members. These set of members are regarded as ordinary visitors or guests and can only browse through the site, view articles, and pictures. The second set are registered members that are yet to create profiles. They can create and comment on articles, are rewarded with units for every activity but they can't make use of them. The last set are the Frizlers (fully registered with a profile). Frizlers can frizle, reply frizles, clip, unclip and make use of the units in their account.

Mission & Vision

Afrizle is aimed at creating a avenue for fun and money making. Also, there is a need for Africans across the globe to connect with each other and Afrizle is making it easy for this to happen. We intend to bring together lovers of African culture, tradition, and Africans themselves and make them see that the continent is full of wonderful people. Our major goal is to help you make some money and promote fun-filled online interaction between Africans from different ethnic background. We also intend to heighten interracial relationship between whites and blacks. This will go a long way in helping to win the war against racism.



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