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Trump finally reveal why he dislikes Africans and Arabs

Trump finally reveal why he dislikes Africans and Arabs

Trump is known for his hatred for Africans and Arabs. He didn't hide it and expresses it even during his campaign. In a speech he delivered few days back, he pointed out that whites are superior to every other human race especially Africans and Arabs.


Trump further stated that whites in America do not pretend to like blacks. I personally believe this is true and may be one of the reasons why Hillary clinton who is loved by majority of black Americans lost the election. Mr. Donald Trump said in his speech that Africans cannot make good use of the resources God bless them with and still refuse receive guidance from whites by asking for independence. There Whites take whatever they can from their lands and leave. He also reminded everyone that the few sensible Africans ready to make a change are either killed or frustrated...


To be continued in next post

  Olufemi (vip)
589 views   |   Posted: 2016-12-10 07:02:58
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