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Why many Nigerians may not travel to their hometown this december

Why many Nigerians may not travel to their hometown this december

The end of another year is here again and many Nigerians, especially Christians are thinking of how to spend their Xmas and New Year holidays. Unlike in the past, preparations are much less. The reason for this is obvious!

Nigeria is yet to come out of recession and it affecting many citizens. People are buying much less for much more and transportation cost is sky rocketing. To make matters worse, transportation dealers have decided to get their own Christmas funds from their customers. When the common man put all this into consideration, one would have a second thought when traveling comes to the mind. Many Lagosians, especially the business savvy Ibos will find it uneconomical to spend their festive period in the far east where they're from. When a common easterner with wife and 5 kids calculate what he'll spend on transportation among other things, he may decide to stay in Lagos.

What is happening is similar to what happened when Muslims celebrated Sallah this year. Activities were unusually minimal as people find it difficult to buy rams and cows.

Recession is hitting us so bad that the rate at which knock-outs are blown in times like this has reduce.

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Chai... This is true talk. Maybe some have decided to spend xmas in the city and new year in their hometown. Just saying
2016-12-21 07:23:07

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