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Hijab, symbol of good muslim women

Hijab, symbol of good muslim women

Last week I was at the United States to visit some places. I decided to visit a sport center in boston where I had to reduce my hijab dressing so I can move freely. Unkown to me a man sitting close to one of the fitness trainers was watching while I played volleyball with extra girls. After the game, He walked to up to me while I was heading for the dressing room. I was so shocked as this cannot happen in Egypt or Saudi Arabia where I was born. I tried to hide my feelings just to be nice 'cos people were already getting to like me. He made me understand he was astonished at the shape of my body when I took off the whole hijab. After introducing himself as Henry He said: "I saw you when you came in but quickly stopped looking but couldnt get my eyes off you immediate you came from the dressing room to the volley ball ground. Why cover this sexy body with that cage all in the name of religion?".

Before replying I quickly let him know I feel offended that he referred to my hijab as cage and he apologise. I make him understand that my Hijab is part of my life and very important to me. I grew up with it and will feel naked going to places without it. He expressed more surprise when I describe the kind of hijab I'd be wearing when I get married. He noticed am an exposed person and ask if with all my exposure i want to make myself open to only muslims for marriage and I politely explained the circumstances surrounding that. We exchanged contacts and parted ways. Since then we've friends and chat with each other daily.

Young muslim women out there should not let environment influence their decency. The hijab is the first sign of a good and dedicated muslim lady.

280 views   |   Posted: 2016-12-18 09:58:16
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No mind am
2017-01-28 11:43:41

Hmmmn... So you won't tell us what really happened after. U're now dating the guy shey.
2016-12-25 15:33:03

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